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Pet Comfort Toys

Color: Brown

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Designed to soothe and comfort pets, this plush toy features a heartbeat accessory, providing a sense of security and relaxation for your beloved pet.

The Fashion Hot Selling Pet Comfort Toy is the ultimate companion for pets in need of comfort and reassurance. Made from soft plush material, it offers a cozy cuddle buddy for your pet, while the built-in heartbeat accessory mimics the comforting rhythm of a heartbeat, calming anxious pets and promoting relaxation.

🐾 Soothing Comfort: Plush material provides a soft and comforting texture for pets to snuggle with, promoting relaxation and reducing stress.

💓 Heartbeat Accessory: Includes a heartbeat accessory that emits a gentle pulsating rhythm, simulating the comforting sensation of a heartbeat for pets.

🐶 Adorable Design: Fashionably designed as a light brown dog, this toy adds a touch of cuteness to your pet's playtime and relaxation routine.

📏 Optimal Size: With dimensions of 37*13cm, the toy is perfectly sized for pets to cuddle and carry around comfortably.

Usage Instructions:

  1. Insert the batteries into the heartbeat accessory.
  2. Activate the heartbeat accessory to emit the soothing pulsating rhythm.
  3. Offer the plush toy to your pet for cuddling and comfort.

Useful Tips:

  • Supervise your pet while using the toy, especially if they are prone to chewing.
  • Keep the toy clean by washing it regularly according to the care instructions.
  • Use the toy during stressful situations such as thunderstorms or separation anxiety to help calm your pet.

Important Safety Warnings:

  • Ensure that the batteries are securely inserted into the heartbeat accessory to prevent ingestion.
  • Monitor your pet's behaviour when using the toy and discontinue use if any signs of damage or discomfort are observed.
  • Keep small parts of the toy out of reach of pets to prevent choking hazards.


  • Product Category: Soothing Toys
  • Material: Plush
  • Specifications: Light brown dog (including heartbeat accessories)
  • Size: 37*13cm

Package Contents:

  • Light brown dog (with heartbeat accessories) x 1

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