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Dog Puzzle Toys

Color: Blue
style: Footprint
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Transform Your Dog's Mealtime Into a Brain-Boosting Adventure!

Elevate your furry friend's daily routine with a tool that combines play, intellect, and wellness. Our cutting-edge puzzle feeder not only entertains but also nurtures your dog's mind and body. It's a unique blend of mental challenge and controlled feeding, designed to stimulate their brain, slow down their eating, and make each meal an enriching experience.

🧠 Cognitive Skills Enhancement: This puzzle toy is designed to stimulate your dog's brain, improving their IQ and cognitive abilities. It keeps your dog's mind alert, enhancing their problem-solving skills with each interaction.

🍽️ Slow Feeding Mechanism: Designed to slow down your pet’s eating pace, it aids in digestion and prevents choking. The separate food sections add fun to feeding and encourage healthier eating habits.

🐶 Behavioral Benefits: It effectively reduces boredom and anxiety in dogs, preventing destructive behaviors. This challenging game keeps them engaged and mentally stimulated.

🍖 Interactive Feeding: The toy provides a fun and unique way to feed your dog. It turns mealtime into an interactive game, improving your relationship with your pet and stimulating them to be more active.

🏆 Quality and Safety: Made of thickened PP material, it's wear-resistant, chew-resistant, and safe for your furry friends. The non-slip pads and sturdy screws ensure stability and durability.

🐾 Attractive Design: With its vibrant colors and engaging mechanism, the toy is irresistible to pets, improving their playability and intelligence.

Usage Instructions:

  1. Fill the compartments with your dog's favorite treats or kibble.
  2. Encourage your dog to explore the toy and figure out how to retrieve the food.
  3. Supervise your pet during initial use to ensure they understand the toy's mechanics.

Optimal Use Tips:

  • Regularly change the treats to maintain your dog’s interest.
  • Use the puzzle toy during your dog’s usual feeding times to replace traditional bowls.

Safety Warnings:

  • Always supervise your dog while they're using the toy.
  • Inspect the toy regularly for any damage, and replace it if necessary.


  • Material: Thickened PP Material
  • Available Colors: Blue, Pink, Green
  • Styles: Footprint, Round, Hexagonal
  • Size: Approximately 23 x 23 cm

Package Contents:

  • 1 x Dog Puzzle Toy Slow Feeder

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