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Hanging Bird Bath Cube

Color: Blue

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Introducing the Hanging Bird Bath Cube, a specially designed bathing solution that caters to the unique needs and pleasures of petite avians!

Tailored to provide a refreshing and enjoyable experience, this bath cube ensures your bird remains hygienic, revitalized, and jubilant. Whether it's the joyous canary, vibrant budgerigar, playful cockatiel, or the affectionate lovebird, this accessory is a must-have for every bird lover.


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Innovative Cube Design: Unlike traditional bird baths, our cube design offers a secure and enclosed environment, allowing birds to bathe without distractions and disturbances, enhancing their overall experience.

Easy Installation: Equipped with durable hanging hooks, this bird bath cube seamlessly attaches to various cage types, ensuring a sturdy hold and minimizing chances of displacement.

Compact Size: Specifically created for smaller bird species, the compact dimensions ensure your bird can easily splash, play, and immerse themselves, all without feeling cramped.

Transparent Walls: Crafted with clear materials, the transparent walls not only allow you to enjoy watching your bird’s delightful bathing antics but also let the bird stay aware of its surroundings, fostering a sense of security.

Safety First: Designed with your bird's safety in mind, the cube boasts of smooth edges and a non-toxic construction, ensuring zero harm during their bathing sessions.

Easy to Clean: Bathing can get messy, but not the cleanup! The detachable design ensures you can conveniently clean the cube, maintaining hygiene and freshness for the next use.

Durable & Long-lasting: Made with premium, bird-safe materials, the Hanging Bird Bath Cube promises longevity, standing up to the spirited playfulness of your avian companions.


Ideal for a range of small birds including canaries, budgerigars, cockatiels, and lovebirds. Its adaptable design ensures compatibility with a myriad of cage designs, be it rectangular, square, or round.


Type:Bird Bathtub
Material: PVC plastic
Color: Blue/Green/White
Size: 12.6*14.8*13cm
Suit: For peony parrot and other small birds 

In the Box:

  • 1 x Hanging Bird Bath Cube
  • Attached hanging hooks
  • User manual with installation and cleaning instructions

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