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Aquarium Cube Water Filter Material

Color: Black

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Experience unparalleled water filtration with our Aquarium Cube Water Filter Material, designed to keep your aquatic environment pristine and your fish healthy.

Our Aquarium Cube Water Filter Material is an essential addition to any aquarium setup, offering superior filtration and absorption capabilities to ensure optimal water quality. Made from honeycombed ultra-absorption activated carbon block, this filter material effectively removes impurities and contaminants, keeping your aquatic habitat clean and your fish thriving.

🌊 Ultra Strong Filtration & Absorption: Honeycombed structure ensures maximum absorption of impurities and toxins, promoting a healthier aquatic environment.

🐠 Absorbs Harmful Substances: Effectively removes chemicals and toxins from water, safeguarding the well-being of your fish and preventing water cloudiness.

🌟 Keeps Water Clean: Prevents odor buildup and water cloudiness, reducing the risk of fish mortality and maintaining a clean and clear aquatic habitat.

🧽 Easy to Clean: Simple maintenance with soap and warm water ensures long-lasting filtration effectiveness, keeping your aquarium water pristine.

📦 Package Contents: Each package includes one unit of Aquarium Cube Water Filter Material.

Usage Instructions:

  1. Wash the cube with warm water and soap before use.
  2. Place the filter material near the water inlet of the fish tank pump for optimal filtration.
  3. Rinse or replace the filter every 3 to 6 months to maintain optimal performance.

Useful Tips:

  • Monitor water quality regularly to ensure the filter material is effectively removing impurities.
  • Adjust the placement of the filter material for optimal water circulation and filtration efficiency.

Important Safety Warnings:

  • Avoid using soap with harsh chemicals that may harm aquatic life.
  • Handle the filter material with care to prevent damage during cleaning and installation.


  • Material: Honeycombed ultra-absorption activated carbon block
  • Dimensions: Standard cube size
  • Filtration Efficiency: Absorbs up to 99% of harmful bacteria and impurities

Package Contents:

  • 1 x Aquarium Cube Water Filter Material

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