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Bird Toys Set

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Introduce your feathered friends to a universe of play

Unveil a world of endless entertainment and interactive experiences for your avian companions with our Comprehensive Combination Bird Toys Set. Tailored especially for the active minds and bodies of small parrots and similar-sized birds, this set combines function, fun, and aesthetics in one ensemble. Let your pet bird explore, swing, chew, and train, ensuring their day is packed with stimulating activities.

Key Features:

Multi-Functional Set: This diverse set includes a variety of toys to cater to different needs. From swinging and perching to chewing and climbing, this ensemble offers it all.

Swing & Perch Toys: Made from bird-friendly materials, the swing and perch toys offer an ideal spot for your birds to rest, play, and swing, providing them a feel of their natural habitat.

Chewing Toys: Birds have a natural instinct to chew, and our set provides safe and non-toxic toys specifically designed for this purpose. These toys not only help in beak trimming but also keep the bird mentally stimulated.

Training Toys: Featuring a ladder and other interactive toys, these elements provide both physical exercise and mental stimulation, promoting agility and intellectual growth.

Hanging Hammock: An ideal resting and lounging spot, the hanging hammock provides a cozy retreat for your pet bird, ensuring they have a comfy nook to relax in.

Bell Perch Toys: The gentle, tinkling sounds of the bell will captivate your bird's attention, providing auditory stimulation and adding a touch of whimsy to their cage.

Safe & Bird-Friendly Materials: Crafted using non-toxic, durable, and pet-safe materials, ensuring the health and safety of your feathered friends.

Easy Installation: All toys are designed to be easily integrated into most small bird cages, ensuring hassle-free set up.

Usage Instructions:

  • Install the toys securely within the cage, ensuring they are appropriately anchored.
  • Monitor your bird's interaction with the toys, especially during the initial phases, to ensure safety and interest.
  • Rotate or change the toys' positions periodically to provide a fresh perspective and renewed interest for your bird.

Maintenance & Care:

  • Regularly inspect toys for signs of wear or damage. Replace if necessary to prevent potential ingestion of small parts.
  • Clean the toys as needed, using bird-safe cleaning solutions or plain water.
  • Avoid exposure to extreme temperatures or direct sunlight to prolong the life of the toys.


  • Category: Bird Toys
  • Intended For: Small parrots and similar-sized birds
  • Materials: Bird-friendly, non-toxic materials
  • Components: Swing, Chewing Toys, Training Toys, Hanging Hammock, Bell Perch Toys, Ladder

Package Includes:

1 x Swing Toy 1 x Chewing Toy Set 1 x Training Toy with Ladder 1 x Hanging Hammock 1 x Bell Perch Toy 1 x User and Safety Guide


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