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Automatic Water Dispenser

Color: Black
Style: Basic Version

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Introducing the Cat Automatic Water Dispenser Circulation, a revolutionary solution for ensuring your pets stay hydrated and healthy!

This innovative water dispenser is designed to provide a continuous supply of fresh, clean water for your beloved cats and dogs. With its automatic circulation feature, it ensures that your pets always have access to clean water, even when you're away from home.

1 pc smart sensor cat water fountain automatic filter pet drinking fountain 0

💧 Continuous Water Circulation: The dispenser continuously circulates water to prevent stagnation, ensuring freshness with every sip.

🐾 Suitable for Dogs and Cats: Designed to accommodate both dogs and cats, this dispenser is perfect for multi-pet households.

🌈 Multiple Color Options: Available in black and white variants, with plug-in options tailored to different international standards.

🌍 Universal Compatibility: Choose from a range of plug standards, including Chinese, American, European, Australian, South Korean, Japanese, and British standards, ensuring compatibility wherever you are.

Usage Instructions:

  1. Fill the water reservoir with clean water.
  2. Plug in the dispenser using the appropriate adapter for your region.
  3. Turn on the dispenser and adjust the flow settings as needed.

Useful Tips:

  • Clean the dispenser regularly to maintain optimal hygiene.
  • Monitor water levels to ensure continuous supply.

Important Safety Warnings:

  • Keep the dispenser away from electrical outlets to prevent accidents.
  • Supervise pets during initial use to ensure they adapt to the dispenser safely.


  • Colour Options: Black, White
  • Plug Standards: Chinese, American, European, Australian, South Korean, Japanese, British
  • Applicable Objects: Dogs and Cats
  • Category: Pet Water Dispenser

Package Contents:

  • Cat Automatic Water Dispenser: 1 Set

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