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Bird Chewing Rattan Ball


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Presenting our Pet Bird Chewing Rattan Ball Set!

A curated collection of toys designed to captivate, stimulate, and provide hours of entertainment for your beloved avian pets. This set is not just about play; it also promotes healthy chewing habits, ensuring your bird’s beak r

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Natural Rattan Material: Each toy in the set is crafted from natural rattan, ensuring safe and non-toxic entertainment for your bird. The organic texture invites curious nibbles and satisfies the innate chewing instincts of birds.

Diverse Play Options: The 5-piece set offers a variety of shapes and designs, ensuring your bird never tires of the play options. Whether it's tugging, nibbling, or swinging, there's something for every bird's mood.

Cage-friendly Design: Equipped with easy-to-attach hooks, these toys can be effortlessly hung inside cages, ensuring they remain accessible and enticing to your bird at all times.

Beak Health Promotion: Regular chewing on these rattan toys helps in naturally trimming your bird’s beak, preventing overgrowth and related health issues.

Stimulating Activity: The toys are not just for fun; they also keep your bird mentally and physically active, preventing boredom and the onset of destructive behaviors.

Durability: Though designed for chewing, these toys are crafted to last, ensuring your feathered friend enjoys prolonged play sessions before a replacement is needed.

Vibrant Appeal: The natural hues combined with the intricate design of the rattan balls captivate bird attention, making it an irresistible plaything.


Perfect for a variety of birds, from the energetic parakeets and budgies to the larger cockatiels and parrots. The diverse toy designs cater to the unique play preferences of each bird species.


Item Name: Bird Toy

Material: Rattan

Color: Random

Large diameter: Approx.5cm

Small diameter: Approx.3cm

In the Box:

  • 5 x Rattan Chewing Ball Toys, each with a distinct design
  • Attachment hooks for easy cage installation
  • User guide with safety and cleaning instructions

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