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Automatic Fish Feeder


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Feed your aquatic pets with ease and precision using the Automatic Aquarium Fish Tank Feeder!

a state-of-the-art feeding solution crafted for the modern aquarist. Never let busy schedules, vacations, or unforeseen circumstances disrupt your fish's feeding regimen again. With intuitive features that range from precise timing to wireless control, this feeder is a game-changer for every fish enthusiast.

Smart Automatic Pond Fish Feeder Tank Aquarium WIFI Remote Control Timed  Food | eBay


Smart Phone App Control: Whether you're at home or miles away, easily program and monitor feeding times with a dedicated smartphone app. The user-friendly interface is compatible with both Android and iOS, ensuring flexibility for all users.

WIFI Wireless Connectivity: Connect your feeder seamlessly with your home's WiFi network. This connectivity ensures real-time updates and allows for quick modifications to feeding schedules when needed.

Intelligent Speaker Voice Command: Elevate your hands-free experience. The built-in voice command system integrates with popular intelligent speakers, letting you dictate feeding schedules or initiate impromptu feeding sessions using only your voice.

Customizable Feeding Schedules: Whether you prefer multiple small feedings a day or larger spaced-out feedings, customize the feeding routine that best suits your fish's needs. Ensure a consistent and balanced diet for your aquatic friends.

Remote Control Functionality: Apart from app and voice control, the feeder comes with a traditional remote for those who prefer tactile control.

Battery & Power Backup: With an efficient power system and backup options, you won't have to worry about power outages or disruptions affecting your feeder's performance.

Generous Storage Compartment: The feeder boasts a sizable food compartment, ensuring that even during extended absences, your fish will have an ample supply of food.

Anti-Jam Design: Engineered with precision, the feeding mechanism ensures consistent food dispensation without the risk of jamming.


Perfect for both freshwater and marine tanks. Ideal for busy individuals, vacationers, or those who simply love integrating tech into their aquatic hobby.


  • Connectivity: WIFI Wireless
  • Control: Smartphone App, Voice Command, Remote
  • Power: Battery & Backup options

In the Box:

  • 1 x Automatic Aquarium Fish Tank Feeder
  • 1 x Remote Control
  • User Manual

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